Nutritionix app now available on iOS

by mattsilv on September 19, 2014  |  Topics: Announcements

The official Nutritionix iOS app is now available on the iOS app store.  The app provides instant access our growing database of over 380,000 foods, including over 600 popular restaurant chains.  The Nutritionix app is free for all users.

Visit below to download the app:

FDA Proposes Changes to Iconic Nutrition Label

by mattsilv on February 28, 2014  |  Topics: Announcements
proposed-fda-nutrition-labelNew Proposed Nutrition Label

On Thursday, Feb. 27th 2014, the FDA formally proposed changes to the nutrition facts label.   For 20 years, consumers have relied on the iconic nutrition label to view the nutrition information on over 500,000 grocery products in the U.S.  What are the biggest changes?

1. New “Added Sugars” Value

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans states that intake of added sugar is too high in the U.S. population and should be reduced. The FDA proposes to include “added sugars” on the label to help consumers know how much sugar has been added to the product.


2. Realistic Serving Size Requirements

Update serving size requirements to reflect the amounts people currently eat.



3. Require Potassium and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for its role in bone health. Potassium is beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Vitamins A and C would no longer be required on the label, though manufacturers could declare them voluntarily.


4. Remove “Calories from Fat”

Research has shown that the type of fat is more important than the amount of calories from fat.


5. Revised Recommended Daily Value for Sodium, Fiber, Vitamin D

Daily Values are used to calculate the Percent Daily Value on the label, which helps consumers understand the nutrition information in the context of a total daily diet.

To view the full list of proposed changes, see the FDA’s press release.


About Nutritionix

Nutritionix aggregates nutrition data for over 230,000 grocery products, and over 100,000 restaurant menu items.  On average, over 1 Million consumers view Nutritionix data each month to research what they are eating.



Free Enterprise API access for San Francisco Food Hackathon Participants

by mattsilv on November 13, 2013  |  Topics: Announcements, API

We understand the importance of innovation in the food industry.  We also believe that with full access to our API of 300K+ foods, nutrition data, and UPC/barcodes, hackers can accomplish amazing innovations in nutrition.

The Future of Food Hackathon is happening this weekend in San Francisco.  Any participants can e-mail us at api at nutritionix dot com to get free Enterprise access to our API for the duration of the weekend hackathon.

In addition, we will have engineering staff monitoring our support forum all day Saturday and Sunday from 9AM PST – 7PM PST.

Key Resources

1.  Get an API key, and e-mail us (api at nutritionix dot com) to let us know you are a participant.

2.  Check out our quick-start guide and documentation.

3.  Bookmark our Support Forum link.

Enterprise API access will be activated for participants who have notified us at 10AM PST on Saturday 11/16/2013.  Access will be downgraded back to our throttled plan at 9PM PST on Sunday 11/17/2013.


Nutritionix Launches API v1.1

by mattsilv on August 9, 2013  |  Topics: API


Since we launched our API v1.0 on January 1st, 2013, over 1,000 nutrition innovators have signed up. Thanks to the tremendous support and feedback, we are pleased to announce the launch of Nutritionix API v1.1. This release is jam-packed with new features:

1.  Now Serving Over 300K Unique Foods

We are continuously updating our food database, and we now include over 300,000 unique food items from restaurants, grocery stores, and the USDA.  This includes data from over 15,000 different food brands!

2.  Barcode Scanning

We now officially support barcode scanning in v1.1.  Users love the ability to scan food items from their mobile phone.  Pass a UPC to our /ITEM endpoint and view the full nutrition panel and ingredient statement. We have over 230K UPCs, with more being added every day.

3.  Advanced Querying

Advanced API querying allows you to filter nutrition results in any way imaginable. Run boolean queries, multi-field queries, wildcard searches, and much more.  Check out the docs.

4.  Smarter Search

Our search endpoint keeps getting smarter.  Pass a brand name in and we return all of the results from that brand.  Check out an example search for McDonald’s.  In addition, our search is now even more accurate for combination searches of brand name and item name.  Try searching Kashi GoLean.

5.  AJAX Apps Now Supported

Due to popular demand, we now support IP filtering, which will allow your web app to utilize cross-origin resource sharing.  This will allow you to create nutrition apps using client-side libraries such as JQuery or Backbone.js.  To enable IP filtering, go to the access details section of your developer account.

Ready to get started? Jump into our API v1.1 documentation here:

Need any API key?  Head on over to

Have questions?  Head over to the Developer Forum.

Introducing: The jQuery Nutrition Label Plugin

by mattsilv on March 8, 2013  |  Topics: Announcements, API


Ever tried to code a nutrition label in HTML?

It is not easy!  Holding true to our mission of making nutrition information more accessible,  we are releasing what we hope to be the first of many open-source tools to help developers and food brands share nutrition data.

Check out our project on GitHub:

See a live demo of the jQuery Nutrition Label

HTML5 and Mobile Friendly

The goals of the open nutrition label project are simple:

  • Closely resemble the FDA-standard nutrition label used on most packaged foods
  • Display properly in common desktop and mobile web browsers
  • Automatically calculate the Daily Value % based on a customizable recommended daily calorie intake (not limited to just 2000!)

Calling all Bloggers, Developers, and Hackers

Some example uses of the open nutrition label include:

  • Posting nutrition information for a recipe on your blog
  • Displaying nutrition information for a packaged good
  • Viewing the nutritional details of an item in a diet-tracking app

The possibilities are endless.  We will continue improving the label, but we would love to hear your input and feature requests via the GitHub issues tracker.

The Future of Nutrition Labels


As nutrition labeling standards are bound to change, it is important for any websites listing nutrition information to similarly adhere to new standards, and our open nutrition label project aims to improve that.  With your help, we can rapidly improve the ways we display nutrition data on the web.

About Nutritionix

Founded in 2010, Nutritionix has a mission to make nutrition information more accessible. By partnering with restaurants and food manufacturers, Nutritionix provides a critical link between the companies creating nutrition information, and the consumers who need to access that data.

Nutrition API

Nutritionix developed an API to let developers innovate with nutrition data.  Check it out!

Nutritionix Beta API has launched!

by mattsilv on December 31, 2012  |  Topics: Announcements, API

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we prepared to get the Nutritionix API ready for beta launch.  Ready to dive right in?

Please note: While our beta API has now launched, please keep in mind that we are uploading new nutrition data, and improving our existing data every day.  Please take time to post feature requests and vote on them to ensure we can rapidly improve our API for all developers.

1.  Developer Survey

Make sure you first have already filled out the developer survey.  Note: If you received our e-mail announcing the beta launch, you have most likely already filled out the developer survey.

2.  Sign up for your API key

Visit our 3Scale page to apply for your API key.  Please note, that only developers who have filled out the developer survey will be approved for the API key.

API KEY Signup:

3.  View Documentation

Our documentation is still in a temporary format via Google Doc.  Please view it here.

4.  Participate in our discussion forum

We are using Reddit to manage our feature requests and discussions.  Please visit our subreddit and subscribe.

Introduce yourself on the Reddit forum, and meet your fellow nutrition developers!

5.  Check out our public GitHub repo

Visit the Nutritionix public GitHub repo to get API library resources, and other cool scripts that help you interact with the Nutritionix API.

Anything not covered?  Please post questions here.

We look forward to seeing your app!

Nutritionix API Update

by mattsilv on December 7, 2012  |  Topics: API

Greetings developers!  We have been hard at work pushing to launch the Nutritionix API as soon as possible, and we now have some more definite details to share with everyone.

API Beta Launch Date: December 31st, 2012
API Proxy/Management Service:

Current Waiting List Sign-Up: (Posted on September 10th, 2012)

# Developers: 200+
# Food Brands in API:
# Items in API: ~60,000

Real-Time API Pricing:
Access to our real-time nutrition API is 100% FREE with the following conditions:

  • Calls must be made in real-time, not cached*
  • You must include attribution text to Nutritionix on any page that is displaying data from the API
  • Up to 250,000 API calls per month (higher threshold available upon request)

* With written persmission, data may be cached for historical diet tracking apps

Bulk Restaurant Data Export:
Currently, only our restaurant data is available to export in bulk data format.

To purchase a license for our bulk restaurant data export, please contact us at ENTERPRISE at nutritionix dot com.

The beta launch of the API will include three types of items:

  • Common Foods (such as celery, carrots, etc)
  • CPG (such as Gatorade, Dannon Yogurt, etc)
  • Restaurant Items (such as McDonald’s Cheeseburger)


Nutritionix API Fields

The current public API fields we will be organizing are listed below.

Important Note: 
Not every item in the nutrition database will have every attribute available.  If an attribute is not available for a particular item, it will return “NULL” from the API request for that attribute’s value.  Please make sure your app properly handles a null request, and displays the information as “N/A” to the end user and not as zero.

idNutritionix Unique ID for Item
item nameItem full name, such as Turkey Club Sandwich
brand_idNutritionix ID for Food Brand
brand_namevarchar, Full name of food brand
remote_db_keyforeign key for this item in a remote database
remote_db_idid of the database that this item is sourced from
usda_nbd_nonull or integer
category_id1=appetizer,2=entree,3=side dish,4=dessert,5=beverage,6=modifier
allergen_contains_milkboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_eggsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_fishboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_shellfishboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_tree_nutsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_peanutsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_wheatboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_soybeansboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_glutenboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_seedsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_sulfitesboolean (true, false, null)
flag_gluten_freeboolean (true, false, null)
flag_veganboolean (true, false, null)
flag_vegetarianboolean (true, false, null)
flag_pescatarianboolean (true, false, null)
nf_serving_size_unitIf serving size is 1 cup, the unit would have a value of "cup"
nf_serving_size_qtyIf serving size is 1 cup, the qty would have a value of "1"
nf_serving_weight_gramsIf serving weight is 228g the value would be "228"
nf_servings_per_containerexample: 2
nf_vitamin_a_iuTotal IUs of vitamin A (5,000 IU is RDI)
nf_vitamin_a_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_vitamin_c_mgTotal mgs of Vitamin C (60mg is RDI)
nf_vitamin_c_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_calcium_mgTotal Mgs of Calcium (1,000mg is RDI)
nf_calcium_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_iron_mgTotal mgs Iron (18mg is RDI)
nf_iron_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
import-idMatches this row's data to the import it came from

*Seeking API Volunteers*

We are seeking five volunteers to help with testing, documentation, and bug tracking for our alpha stage API starting today.  Before you apply, please note we require the following:

  • Volunteer at least 3 hours per week to the API project
  • Sign our NDA agreement
  • Experience with the following are a huge plus, but not required:
    • PHP / Yii Framework
    • GitHub
    • Amazon Web Services
Still interested?  Please e-mail us at API at nutritionix dot com, and include the following brief details:
  • How much time can you volunteer to our API per week
  • Which of the above items do you have experience with?
  • Please provide a link to your GitHub profile
  • What type of app will you be using/developing to test the API?
Please feel free to submit questions in the comments below.  Thank you!
- Nutritionix Team

December Week 1: New Restaurants Added

by dzadoff on November 27, 2012  |  Topics: Restaurants
Check out the latest restaurants that added to our nutrition directory this week.

Check out all of our restaurant listings on the Nutritionix restaurant directory. To suggest a restaurant to add to our directory, please contact us.


Waiting List for Nutritionix API Surpasses 200+ Developer Milestone

by mattsilv on September 11, 2012  |  Topics: Announcements

Our development team has been hard at work to get the beta release of the Nutritionix API ready by November 30th, 2012.

We are also pleased to announce that our waiting list has surpassed 200 developers, eager to include accurate and up-to-date nutrition information in their diet and health applications.

If you are new to our API list, please fill out the new API Survey, which will help us continue to shape the API to the needs of our developer base.

More to come soon!

Nutritionix Featured in Forbes

by mattsilv on August 27, 2012  |  Topics: News

Nutritionix was recently featured on the Food and Drink section of Forbes.  The two page feature, written by Food+Tech Connect CEO Danielle Gould, outlines Nutritionix’s plan for making accurate nutrition data available to all developers by December 2012.

In the coming months, Nutritionix will be announcing more information about our upcoming API release, so stay tuned!


Nutritionix, a nutrition technology company established in 2009, provides software solutions for restaurants and food manufacturers to help make their nutrition information more accessible to consumers.   Nutritionix also hosts the most accurate database of restaurant nutrition information, comprising of nutrition information for over 60,000 different restaurant and consumer packaged foods.

For more information about how Nutritionix can help your business, please contact us.

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