Subway enthusiasts calculate over 50,000 Nutritionix meals in January!

by mattsilv on February 7, 2012  |  Topics: Announcements, Nutrition Calculators, Restaurants

We are thrilled to report that the final calculations are in, and our Subway Nutrition Calculator broke records in January 2012, with users calculating over 50,000 different Subway meals in just one month!

Due to popular demand, we have also added all of the breakfast combinations to the Subway calculator, so you can now optimize your breakfast meal!

At over 120 different restaurants and growing, the Nutritionix Restaurant Directory is now the world’s largest source of up-to-date restaurant nutrition information.  Feel free to let us know what restaurants you would like to see added next!


  • ScottFruchtman

    This is awesome. Congrats!  Glad to see the masses are experiencing the value and great user experience that Nutritionix offers!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Scott!

  • Sabrina

    Great work! Now have to develop the mobile app so we can check it out right away from our cells

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