Nutritionix launches Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator

by mattsilv on April 5, 2012  |  Topics: Announcements, Restaurants

As part of an ongoing push for transparency in nutrition, Nutritionix has announced the official launch of the Taco Bell Nutrition Calculator, a free tool for consumers.

The calculator allows Taco Bell customers to add multiple items to their meal, and generate one nutrition label summarizing the nutrition facts for the entire meal.

While Taco Bell does currently list nutrition information on their official web site, Daniel Zadoff, co-founder of Nutritionix, explains why consumers wanted more: “We were surprised by the hundreds of inquiries we received requesting that we add Taco Bell nutrition data to our calculator platform.  Because every restaurant displays nutrition data in a different format on their web site, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to view this data in a more standardized, familiar display.  That is exactly what we offer.”

Nutritionix currently lists nutrition information for over 200 restaurants in the US, providing a familiar user-friendly view to consumers.


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    Nutritional food analysis yields important information for dietary balance and manufacturing procedures.  

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    Please Bring Nutrition Calculators For All Restaurants and All Food Brands

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