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by mattsilv on December 7, 2012  |  Topics: API

Greetings developers!  We have been hard at work pushing to launch the Nutritionix API as soon as possible, and we now have some more definite details to share with everyone.

API Beta Launch Date: December 31st, 2012
API Proxy/Management Service:

Current Waiting List Sign-Up: (Posted on September 10th, 2012)

# Developers: 200+
# Food Brands in API:
# Items in API: ~60,000

Real-Time API Pricing:
Access to our real-time nutrition API is 100% FREE with the following conditions:

  • Calls must be made in real-time, not cached*
  • You must include attribution text to Nutritionix on any page that is displaying data from the API
  • Up to 250,000 API calls per month (higher threshold available upon request)

* With written persmission, data may be cached for historical diet tracking apps

Bulk Restaurant Data Export:
Currently, only our restaurant data is available to export in bulk data format.

To purchase a license for our bulk restaurant data export, please contact us at ENTERPRISE at nutritionix dot com.

The beta launch of the API will include three types of items:

  • Common Foods (such as celery, carrots, etc)
  • CPG (such as Gatorade, Dannon Yogurt, etc)
  • Restaurant Items (such as McDonald’s Cheeseburger)


Nutritionix API Fields

The current public API fields we will be organizing are listed below.

Important Note: 
Not every item in the nutrition database will have every attribute available.  If an attribute is not available for a particular item, it will return “NULL” from the API request for that attribute’s value.  Please make sure your app properly handles a null request, and displays the information as “N/A” to the end user and not as zero.

idNutritionix Unique ID for Item
item nameItem full name, such as Turkey Club Sandwich
brand_idNutritionix ID for Food Brand
brand_namevarchar, Full name of food brand
remote_db_keyforeign key for this item in a remote database
remote_db_idid of the database that this item is sourced from
usda_nbd_nonull or integer
category_id1=appetizer,2=entree,3=side dish,4=dessert,5=beverage,6=modifier
allergen_contains_milkboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_eggsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_fishboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_shellfishboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_tree_nutsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_peanutsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_wheatboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_soybeansboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_glutenboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_seedsboolean (true, false, null)
allergen_contains_sulfitesboolean (true, false, null)
flag_gluten_freeboolean (true, false, null)
flag_veganboolean (true, false, null)
flag_vegetarianboolean (true, false, null)
flag_pescatarianboolean (true, false, null)
nf_serving_size_unitIf serving size is 1 cup, the unit would have a value of "cup"
nf_serving_size_qtyIf serving size is 1 cup, the qty would have a value of "1"
nf_serving_weight_gramsIf serving weight is 228g the value would be "228"
nf_servings_per_containerexample: 2
nf_vitamin_a_iuTotal IUs of vitamin A (5,000 IU is RDI)
nf_vitamin_a_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_vitamin_c_mgTotal mgs of Vitamin C (60mg is RDI)
nf_vitamin_c_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_calcium_mgTotal Mgs of Calcium (1,000mg is RDI)
nf_calcium_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
nf_iron_mgTotal mgs Iron (18mg is RDI)
nf_iron_dvdaily value percentage expressed as integer
import-idMatches this row's data to the import it came from

*Seeking API Volunteers*

We are seeking five volunteers to help with testing, documentation, and bug tracking for our alpha stage API starting today.  Before you apply, please note we require the following:

  • Volunteer at least 3 hours per week to the API project
  • Sign our NDA agreement
  • Experience with the following are a huge plus, but not required:
    • PHP / Yii Framework
    • GitHub
    • Amazon Web Services
Still interested?  Please e-mail us at API at nutritionix dot com, and include the following brief details:
  • How much time can you volunteer to our API per week
  • Which of the above items do you have experience with?
  • Please provide a link to your GitHub profile
  • What type of app will you be using/developing to test the API?
Please feel free to submit questions in the comments below.  Thank you!
- Nutritionix Team

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Shireen   December 8, 2012 at 12:12 am

Looks great! Excited for your beta launch

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